Reviews for "Socklops"

wow that was awesome

great flash keep up the good work XD........and someone tell me why i pushed on my left hipbone thinking i would shrink...........


Like the person beloww me i like the eding as well. I like how you put all these different things togeter. great job.

Surreal and amazing

I really like the ending !
One of my favorite animations
Its a great journey into human mind

Well done

The entire point is that he's patching this together from a bunch of dreams and other various things, so it's not necessarily surprising without total explanation. Besides, since when does anything he does make sense to begin with? It's all creepy and weird, but that's the style he animates in.

Im Confused

But im cofused in a good way. Like the person below me there is alot of questions that im wondering about right now. I think this is one of your best flashes and the music that plays when the guy goes down to see the fat man was great.
Nice Job