Reviews for "Socklops"


What happens to the fat man does he ever escape?!!!! and where did the circlets lead to!!! and does the man with the melting face ever take revenge on the doctor?? now i WANNA KNOW!

poke the fat test subject

well done i thought well done indeed


I'm now confused in a good way, it makes me want to go to bed myself and have a dream :)

Lost in the Translation

I'm not sure exactly what it was I just saw but I definitely liked it. The randomness of the script seemed justified and the main characters ending was actually quite suitable. Although I don't understand anything in this short just yet I can definitely see the hidden imagery Firth has added to it.

I was reminded of "A Clockwork Orange" and a few other seemingly randomized pieces of British work. As with most pieces in such a classification, this animated short has its own life behind it but still I doubt any of us will understand it fully save one person.

I love this one too

There are so many different scenes in this one and they're all really awesome in some way. It's so weird and so illogical at first, but I don't know why, I constantly have a feeling that it should make sense somehow, and it's not just random as one might think...

It somehow gives me a very strange and quite sad feeling, especially the end, when the guy floats into the spongy balls, it could mean so many things...

The other part with that mad scientist is totally different I think, and it's also awesome, in a different way. And then everything joins together in some way, but it still won't make more sense!

And that part with the "Testing I'd agreed to somehow" reminds me of my own dreams, when I do things or agree to things that have horrible consequences, and I somehow know that I was the one who agreed to it, and then I think "but why the hell did I agree to this?"... like decisions that we make without wanting to make them...