Reviews for "Socklops"


I think it's about medicine, how we are lied to about its ingredients and side affects, the getting smaller is about losing weight, and how being a smaller dress size is an achievment and goal.


like all of your flashes they are weird. I love them all though, including this one. It was awsome!!

Not bad

This one was more tricky on the brain than Dog of Man or Salad Fingers, it had a lot of text, and I didn't make all the connections between the scientists, the fat guy and the ex-fat guy... pressing on his hip to make him smaller was pure genious, because, in theory, it is true to a certain point....


Very deep and compelling. I really got into the story. Well done!

the funny thing is....

I, too can see a faint green circle closing on me when i close my eyes. and its kinda hard to get through. anyway, i liked the last part of the movie the best. really creative of your part. now the part of the man with the melting cheek and the tube attached to his head is kinda familiar to one of the parts from Crooked Rot. which i liked very very much. 10 out of 10 for you.