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Reviews for "Final Fight: Thug Revenge"


just like tommy the nightmare said"fight the man or at least steal his woman".funny vid man

Now THAT'S comedy!

This is without a doubt, 1 of the best video game-based comedy shorts i have seen on Newgrounds in a long time. And the ending, just brings a tear to my eye. Damn, it's good! You're a genius!

Vazz responds:

Thanks. :)


Funny as Hell!

Well. . .

Ok this is a hard one to grade cause on one point you have my strong love for the old school gaming look and on the other hand you have my common sense of what a good flash should be. I like the style of the flash, old school all the way but everything else was kinda eh. . .though I do want a twix now T_T. . .and the part where he said "hey come help me" and the dude was like "no" and bam! Right in the kisser! That did make me laugh and the "LMAO, PS3 599.99" was damn funny too. Overall I think you just need to kick it up alil bit and have alil bit more action and alil less .50 cent comedy. Nice though


some parts where LOL but some other parts are just boring..
too bad the most parts are boring...
but i liked the part where he stole the dudes towel =P
and the britney part...