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Reviews for "Final Fight: Thug Revenge"

I love watching this

As much times as I watch this it's always funny,I hope there's a third to the series

Crack up

This cracks the hell out of me
The first movie had the punk goon playing animal crossing but in this one he was playing FFX-2? Whats up with that?
Try to make one on the alpha series since u showed Cody getting arrested by Edi. E


Thank you for this submission. I love Final Fight, and I love it when someone makes a parody of it. And thus I love the image of you.

I dont know why that other guys is bleeding from

THE CROTCH. This was pretty damn funny. LOL espescially the part with Honda. LOL WTF worth a look for sure.


Well it was ok.
Random as hell.
The only bit that i really found funny was the Kill Bill parody. xD