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Reviews for "Final Fight: Thug Revenge"

great way to get revenge...

lol stealing his girl freind and getting him in jail nice one finaly the sequal is out to your 1st one its been AGES!!!!!!!
funny thing with andore and how cody got locked up ive got final fight 1 btw if youve been botherd to read this review please write a thing back and tell me how does cody get locked up in the 2nd or wat eva 1 he gets locked up in becos i really wana know and in the 1st 1 when you defeat a certin amount of enemys you get him and he comes back from the future

so thx 4 reading and keep it up cant wait for the next one to come out :)

Vazz responds:

I think the thing where you get a new Cody if you beat the game is in Final Fight One for gameboy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Final_Fight
You could see how he was arrested and stuff here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Cody_Travers

Pure brilliance

After decades of work, you continue to amaze me with your utter genius. You're probably the most gifted thing since waffles.

Vazz responds:

That's some compliment, thanks. O_O


thug life huh?


This was so very funny. I always did wonder what happened to all thos thugs that you beat up.

OMFG hahahaaa

I GOTTA SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!hahahahaaa Classic hahahahaaaa

thts was gr8t