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Reviews for "Final Fight: Thug Revenge"

Hey! A sequel as good as the original!

Actually, this just might have been better, especially considering where some of the characters end up. I really enjoyed the first one, and this just built on that so well. Thanks you so very, very much for including the "Oh my car!" moment from the game (one the most personally satisfying bonus rounds in the game), that gave me a real kick. If only there was a "not again, not again" line thrown in there...but nah, fans of the game will recognize it and bust a gut, and those who aren't familiar with one of the great SNES classics from Capcom will still find it funny. I also enjoy it when someone is having enough fun with what they're doing that they can not only poke fun at other matters (like an overabundance of advertising), but freely take shots at themselves in the process. Including the incredible Hulk in there was absolutely brilliant. I'm definitely looking forward to your next submission and I hope that some newcomers to flash and sprite animations don't get discouraged by the razzing I've noticed a lot of them getting and look to you as one of the many examples on Newgrounds for how to do it well.



great stuff!

lol, really funny and its good to see that VGR is still putting out good funny flashes! Lol at the guy dancing to britney spears.