Reviews for "==(Perfect Morning)=="

cool VEEEEERY lil' rock at the start

that really sound good, at night so ;)
good work


Now.. back in the day I would give this a decently lengthy review basing things in four groups of sound quality, origionality, flow, and length.. Either I've gotten too lazy or too busy ;D Either way, it's a damn good song and I woulda given you a ten in each category anyways :D Nice work man.



Great job!

Now this is another song that works so well because it truly believes in what it represents. I am not even sure what it represents because it really experiments with a lot of styles. When you have a song here that long, that really is the best thing to do. There were just so many different emotions tied on this. It seemed like it had music inspired by "Sesame Street" at one point and "James Bond" the next. Of course, it really takes off around the 2:15 mark when it becomes more exciting.


Pads, I dont know what more to say.

Ah hell... its perfect. FUCK YOU MAN. xD

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