Reviews for "==(Perfect Morning)=="

What the????

This song seems so familiar for some reason I don't know why but it feels like I heard this before. Like some jazz song back in the '80s. Seems really wierd that I know something like that to. Did u get inspired into making this song or not? Although this is a real nice song. Makes u feel laid back and calms u down. Nice work dude.


R u serious? =]

This is wonderful, It doesn't have a single flaw, It's like a breath of fresh air.
It's modern, yet classy, Calm, yet upbeat, Elegant and suave =]
The bass at the beginning sounds very realistic and I loved the percussion in the backgrounds, tambourine i think.
And now the song starts..........
The trumpet is beautiful and that background synth sound both realistic and modern synth-y :P
The subtle ride gave it a 'cool' feel to it, it sounded like it had a ohaser on it, hmmm not bad :)
The drum beats were very nice, as i sadi before, very classy.
I loved the transitions,it was a smart idea introducing new instruments =]
The bells were very nice, they weren't played in such a way that they give you a headachem yet they were played moderately (tempo-wise).
The other instruments were fabolous, Calming.
The trumpet though, was my favourite part.
And you keep introducing new instruments, wonderful =D
At about 4 : 35 you slowed everything down to stop the song, it was a fascinating way of going, risky, but good, very good.
I think That's it......
Song Fav'd

Good Stuff!

Love Jazz music and I really cant find alot of these types of songs. Smooth instrumentals. Quality work u got here.
@Kokujin, Rofl man, i was thinking the same thing. Then i scroll down and see my thoughts on the screen.

Very nice man

I could total wake up to this every morning if i was living im some high scale apartment in new york or some busy city lol. It may sound weird, but i got kinda a 80s, early 90s feel from this track 0__o lol. The beginning sounded kinda weird at first....but once the track really got moving, i couldnt stop listening to it XD. Props my good man.

So Sexy

Hey baby.....why don't you sit back and relax...

This song is so freaking chill dude + you got Soro to collab with you.
Automatic awesomeness :D

I really like the thin "silly" synths that you also implemented in Absentminded.
Transition to Soro's part was also very interesting, I didn't see it coming

Overall, sexiest track I've heard in a while.

5/5 10/10 +Fav +Download