Reviews for "==(Perfect Morning)=="


So many instruments so little time! It's like heaven!

pleasing to the mind and ears

this song makes jazz uber smexy. i'm done usig the word 'awesome' it does not do this song any justice. its so chill and happy.. i love it *-* the blending of the instruments are just...speechimpending HOORAY!

keep it going SBB



Is midnight and i'm totally down on this one! awesome

Beyond Great

The smoothest, crispest, sweetest, thing that my ears have listend to in a long time. This is what the genre says it is: Jazz


At 0:20 of the song something passed in my mind... "This is gonna be awesome".
Now, at 5:00, something is passing in my mind again and it says "damn it was awesome".
Every single piece of note on every single instrument makes one of the most perfect things I have found on a very long time.
Thank you for this.