Reviews for "TFS Football"


Kool game , very addicting and enjoyable .
Its a very fun game although it is a little difficult at first .
Everything about it is awesome =]
Well done .

AndrewMartin responds:

Haha, thanks =]

Cool game.

Nice job on this! 9/10

AndrewMartin responds:

Thanks =]

Ace game; watch out, here's the new Dynamic Duo!

Heh, maybe I'm going a bit over the top. Anyway, Gaz here, and it's great to see the game finally finished. The game runs smoothly, the interface looks *fantastic*, the music is pretty good too and besides the introduction appearing every time you go back to the main menu, it's perfect. Five already, of course =) Keep it coming, I can't wait for you next project. Let's just say... even Mr W. Wright would be impressed, heh.

AndrewMartin responds:

Ahaha, thanks gazzy =]

Yeah, the introduction... i put a skip button at least =/

And sshhhhh, he might find out, and sue...

Unique footballing experience

I really enjoy this game. Having won the world cup twice with Argentina and Spain, I find this game very easy with space bar and accurate shooting. Still, it has been fun. Dont just close it after few minutes, try space bar and pass the ball around. The graphic is nice and the movement is not awkward. Great style and interactivity.

Recommendation: I found it hard sometimes to see the difference between my players and oppositions when they wear the same colour. Try changing the hair colour or maybe have two uniforms.

Also, I would like to adjust the attributes of the players if possible to add the depth of the game.

nice game

The game was made for North&South Americans only? Europeans will like to play with their own country to. And btw you've got the Italian flag wrong, looks more like the Hungarian flag.

Kind of hard until you get used to the controls, but i like it.