Reviews for "TFS Football"


Its a bit of a hard game to learn but once you get it its really fun. Great graphics, great idea.


Good job!



AndrewMartin responds:

It's always nice to be appreciated. Try completing the game, there's a little ending sequence =]

Ambitious, not bad

Responsiveness and your team's AI need to be vastly improved.

Good idea and sometimes when a sweet goal works, this game is unique. I like planning the runs and passes.

Names of players would make this a million times cooler too.

Fun game

You should make another version with clubs in it like Arsenal, Man U, Chelsea, Barca, etc.


this was a pretty good game but you should change a few things

1. Should have called it soccer not football, very decieving for us americans
2. It was hard to tell which dudes were on your team you should have changed the other teams hair color or something.
3. Anywho Good Game

AndrewMartin responds:

I made sure I mentioned the word "soccer" in the authors comments at least. A the team thing was actually the biggest problem we had... it's hard to make 17 unique kits x.x

Thanks for your review though =]

Ok though

Cheers for the effort though :)