Reviews for "TFS Football"


this was a pretty good game but you should change a few things

1. Should have called it soccer not football, very decieving for us americans
2. It was hard to tell which dudes were on your team you should have changed the other teams hair color or something.
3. Anywho Good Game

AndrewMartin responds:

I made sure I mentioned the word "soccer" in the authors comments at least. A the team thing was actually the biggest problem we had... it's hard to make 17 unique kits x.x

Thanks for your review though =]

USA were the hardest team...

Because they are shit anyway, theres no other way around it


Wasn't anything great, could use some improvement
and England can suck my balls because USA doesn't have less morale than the other teams.

AndrewMartin responds:

The morale thing is based on the football team specifically, not the nation... USA have less morale because the team isn't as well established and they dont have as much home support as the other teams (who would all have the entire nations glued to the TVs).


i will give it about a 2 out of 10 i didnt really get into it i played for like 15 sec. and gave up!!! LoL But good effort!


The CPU is retarded. Half the time they would just sit around looking at the other team go by. The controls made me feel like Corky from Life Goes On. Serious problems.