Reviews for "TFS Football"


Kool game , very addicting and enjoyable .
Its a very fun game although it is a little difficult at first .
Everything about it is awesome =]
Well done .

AndrewMartin responds:

Haha, thanks =]

Nice Job

Nice job! The game really works well. Great idea and way to make it work, although the players are a bit hard to move. 10 out of 10

AndrewMartin responds:

Thanks a lot. It is a bit difficult to control at first, but it gets easier after you've played it for a bit =]


You finally finished it!

I'm absolutely terrible at this game but I really like it. I hope I can stop getting ass raped by Ghana sometime soon.


I AM ADDICTED TO THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!! it is awesome to see such a good game made about soccer(i'm might just be saying that cuz i'm a soccer junkie, but who really cares?) it is really good but where's the penalty kicks and the rest of the other stuff? i know it's flash but you could've added a little more but other than that, it's a really good game.


i was playin this for over a hour and i still lost every game but any way you did brill