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Reviews for "Halloween Critters"


I love the creativity, the ideas and design. I just didn't like some names though. Some were cheesy like Vamp Toad and stuff. But overall, it was really good. I loved it.

Loved it!

This was an awesome flash movie! Though I would have liked to see more types of monsters, so you are hereby required to make a sequal :P

Beautifully done!


Omg, very nice animation. I loved the drawings and the music. I read in your comments that you got your inpiration from insects very cool. Keep up the good work.

Veery good.

This kicked ass! Mostly the best thing in this movie, is the graphics. The whole plot was amazing. I also liked that awesome preloader.

Just one of those things.

It's a stupid idea, but with an awesome presentation. The animation was great, the style was excellent and the overall feel was just amazing. Few can do what you did, in the sense of taking and idea that one might just joke about to ones self or buddies, and create an amazing project out of it. Good job, and seeing this lets me think that maybe some of my stupid ideas just might work =)