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Reviews for "Halloween Critters"


Man that was way to cool for ng Lol :P But yeah man your skills are amazing like you have talent in the graphics area man those pictures were sweet!...... and so was the movie :P.

Great Halloween fare!

Outstanding graphics, fun to watch as it actually kept my interest as I wanted to see what was coming next. Thanks for sharing it with us.

i'm blown away!

wow you did a spectacular job on this one! seeing your name didn't ring a bell when i opened this up, but i'm going to keep my eye on you from now on. this is just so good! the graphics and animations are impressive, the music was cheesey yet fitting, and it filled out the 2MB+ slot very well. this is great! i put it in my favorites. woo!!


Freaky or What?

I loved the were fly, was a bit disturbed by the vamp toad.

It's a good movie, and something for me to aspire to be able to make.

Compared to the crap I make, it rules!


That was fantastic your imagination and skill know no bounds
loved the open ending