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Reviews for "Halloween Critters"


Good job kleber keicho kecho....whatever.... good frame by frame and tweens. I think you have a low score due to the hundreds of people who's movie got blammed yesterday and want to "avenge" their flash this way. Pues mira, a la chingada con el elote, pinchi elote malo, esta re feo el cabron. Moraleja: newgrounds tiene mucho noob castrada :D

keicho responds:

gracias irin :D
~Kleber keicho kecho... whatever...

A mastery of work

This piece shows mastery of form and creation. There is no doubt this piece was done by a true artist and animator. I loved your combination fo Frame by frame and motion tweening. Some of your transformations seems like liquid especially the were-bug.

This is a great example of your growing talent. Please don't just do stuff like this for halloween.

keicho responds:

thanks for the kind review :)

mmmmmmmmm spooky

the bugs looked and creepy happy halloween sir.

graphics: very good
sound: very good
violence: bug gibs
interactivity: preloader works
humor: bugs are not funny :(

keicho responds:

mmmmmmmmmmmmm thank you my good fat and juicy sir


Keicho, this was excellent. Personally, I think it's your best work (MengoMango is a close second). It's one thing to take the time to animate shapes and outlines, but you added about five layers of shading on top of that. The fly spinning to the ground and the Vamp Toad's tongue were two perfect examples of this. I loved how you added the blood fx in slow motion! The plot was highly original, especially considering it's NG.

There's a lot to be admired here. Fantasic job man, and I sincerely hope this is one of the contest winners.

keicho responds:

thank you, i love your mother of all blams flash my dear colleague. It will be a while until I do another flash though..still I will do it! Thanks for the kind review!


That was just beautiful. Really that was just so cool.
Art was just class.
Animation was sweet as fuck.
I could go on but there is just to much.