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Reviews for "Halloween Critters"

Grrrreat, I loved it!

Really loved it, grrreat!!!

NIcely Done

Great Graphics And Action only the end did feel a little bit rushed, am I right?


that was awesome!!names were pretty funny...my fav was vamp frog.real good.

very innovative

Well, it was totally wrong that I watched this movie while I was eating. But I will give you overall 10 in anyway.

Good movie. Only thing I were missing were cute (almost) nude girls.

Get crunk!

That was friggin sweet.
The fbf was intense and awesome. The animations on the fly and frog in particular were sweet as hell. I particularly liked the centipede who go eaten. He was tasty eye candy.
I hope the score on this goes up. This is a really low score for a cartoon thats a hell of a lot better animated than the majority of the things on this website.
Only thing here I didnt enjoy was the song. It got better after a couple minutes but it seemed like the band was trying too hard to sound like Nightwish or something.
This had better win a friggin award!

keicho responds:

OMG zekey! such an honour!! the song is a classic from symphony X, sea of lies. Its like 4 min song so I had to cut it. And for the ppl reading this review, check this guy's animations. ZekeySpaceLizard is a legend of flash:

*newgrounds.com/portal/view.p hp?id=345767
*newgrounds.com/portal/view.p hp?id=338888

HE IS AN AWSOME ANIMATOR! now i gotta piss cuz this review just made me feel important :D