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Reviews for "RD2010 - Heavy Terror Machine"

I admire your bass drop, and your use of the R2D2 scream when he gets electricuted. :p so... this is older... got newer stuff? I'm sure your skills have expanded. oh, and btw, hello! I'm new! on here to browse awesome musics.

This is an awesome beat, worthy of any dubstep lovers time. A true ear-gasm


Nice wobbles, they sound quite dubsteppy. :)

r2d2 lololololololol

For being your 3rd tune, this is pretty snazzy! I liked it mostly because there was a change in dynamics for each note. The song started off soft, got louder, then slowly got softer again. That's a good sign of good composition--- focus on dynamics! The song also had a theme to it, which was cool...

The scream before the drop reminded me of Judge Doom from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". That guy was crazy and might scream like that. It's been a while... Haha.