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Reviews for "RD2010 - Heavy Terror Machine"

That was wicked

This is the stuff on newgrounds that is better than stuff you can buy.

Your wobble was sweet :) The robotic sounds and synths go great, overall a fantastic song. Its on my iPod

awesme song

scream from R2D2 when he was fixing the platforms i think.



Game Quality

Seriously game quality, you could use this in any game that has, well, anything to do with high tech and adventure, be pretty epic!

Seriously good tune.
Oh and the scream: R2D2, from one of the SIX movies, either in number 4 or 5 when he gets spat out of the monster or in the ship in the third one. Been a while since I watched Star Wars.
Freakin awsome!

epic tune

this is brilliant man, you landed everything perfectly in this song, escpecially the flawless drop.

looking forward to more stuff from you.

big up