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Reviews for "RD2010 - Heavy Terror Machine"


You are one of the best audio makers out there, friend, as this was just outrageously good! I loved how fast paced everything was and how it stuck with its theme well. The scream I heard at one point sounded like the sound the alien makes in the game "Alien Hominid". You have done Robot Day an honor and it certainly did give us some great audio submissions. There were just so many things going on, like terror, technology, and even some silliness and incomprehensibleness. This was a bulls-eye!

To guy second below :)

Reason he's still at NG is becuase all the best dubstep artists reside here.
People with talent that share their music for free and aren't corrupted with what the public wants but just make what like themselves :)

Awesome dubstep matey.
Keep it up ^^


...fuck yeah.

Really Really Good!

I simply love this!! Just too great! I wonder why you are still at NG...

P.S. R2D2!!


My fav. Dubstep tune atm and has been for quite a while. Good stuff!