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Reviews for "RD2010 - Heavy Terror Machine"

R2D2 :D - Bonus points I haz?

Damn man, this is some impressive dubstep. I'm envious of your bass twisting skills. It's a hard thing to get it to sound just right, and you have it sounding awesome.

Nice work man, this is really good!

alextheDJ responds:

You haz bonus points indeed! Good job.

Boy aint that the truth. It took foreeeever to get the basses sounding just right. and even then they're not perfect, but thanks. I'm glad you like em.

Thanks for the review! :)


Wow, i must say i do not like Dub step what so ever. But this, this might of changed my mind. Reminds me of a Ministry of Sound, might be why i like this song. 10/10 & 5/5. Good job

alextheDJ responds:

Thanks! So glad I could change your mind! :D

Makes my feet stomp!

Hey dude.
You created a fantastic track there.
I can't give you any proper review, because I don't know anything about dubstep, only that I gonna listen to it more often now. ;D
Your song really gives the robot-ish feeling you wanted.
Maybe you could add some 8-Bit sounds! =D Would love to hear that.

9/10 because I had to crank up the bass myself.

Greetings from Berlin, StereOrg!

alextheDJ responds:

Thanks man! I'm glad your goin to listen to more dubstep. Tis a fantastic genre.