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Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Part II"

Good sequel

At least you're on the right track with the sequel. Zeus' last line was funny. Keep it up!

Not better, but not worse either.

And for future reference? MIDI music from VGMusic in a flash? Bad.
Ears still hurt from listening to you butcher "Zeus" and "Palutena".
Zeus' last line made me laugh, though.


Graphics - really nice and detailed - 9
Style - Very nice, flows well - 10
Sound - Faultless voice acting - 10
Violence - not much, but what there was of it was pretty good - 8
Interactivity - n/a
Humour - Jokes suited and went well wth flash - 10
Overall - Really good, keep up the good work - 10


Its here! Its here! The second part of Kid Icarus!

Oh man, oh man, I remember the last review I did with you Muro Kemalder. Here is a quote from the last part in the review "Kid Icarus - Part I." "Your animation is really really good. You do a great jod in making this flash muro kemaldar (juste38). I hope they make a remake of "Kid Icarus" or maybe a sequel for that game. See you in the next part and may God be with you." Ahhhhh! Good times, good times. But anyway, about 28 reviews later (which is 37 reviews in all, With Responses Only (7)) I thought I would never see the next part untill next year or something like that. Now that I just saw it, this is really funny. I like that when he defeats one of the enemies, a heart container would come out! Great tribute to "Legend of Zelda" Mr. muro kemaldar. Now I'm starting to like this series more often because there is alot of humor and alot of life in this series for a game that should deserve a sequel (not just for the Nes or the Game boy) but also can make a great fan-made film like this. Superb Part on this trilogy!!!!!!!!! I like that this time around, he is more aggressive to his "God" because he was pissed at his god in the last part. *Cough* *Cough* Sorry for that, but I'm sick this week since I have a catch of the "cold." But anyway, I like that the voice acting also. It was so well done!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for this part muro!!!!!!!!!! See ya on the next part and may God be with you and Kid Icarus!!!!!!!!!!

Long live Kid Icarus and muro kemaldar (Juste38)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was ok

Character voices where too low (had a hard time understanding the goddess..) Subtitles will be helpful.

The characters look a lot better when you spend more time on them.

Is that Zeus who Pitt keeps talking to?