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Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Part II"


the animation was better than the first and so was the action. good work. (its pronounced zoos not zois)

Haha. "I am your God!"

That was really awesome. ^ ^ The quality was better than the first visually, especially with the backgrounds! *lol* Very cool.

pretty good

pretty good, better animation than last one.
btw, Zeus is pronounced "Zoos" not "Zois" im pretty sure.


that was great god damn you i am your god he teloperts pit out in thin air oh shit lol perfect 10 that was great


JESUS!! No one is perfect, so what if he's not the most literate person in the english language? Also, the whole thing with his pronunciation(sp?) of Zeus, its freakin' ridiculous! Stop picking at the little things, its a good animation, and thats all that should matter.