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Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Part II"


And i thought that your other 2 Kid Icarus animations were good.... i guess i was both right and wrong. yes, those other 2 were very nice, no doubt about that, but this one here was nothing short of awesome, and i mean awesome. this Kid Icarus series that you have going on is great, im enjoying it immensely. i sure hope to see a part III/3 real soon, and hope this one wins an award too.

MKjack responds:

yeah thx for the review.
i will surely make the 3rd part of KI, but i have decided to make antoher flash first.
it will be a game, and a game about the prince of persia, again with special guests.
THEN i will continue on KI.

sry about this, but i want to do this game first ^^

That was a damn sweet movie!

Dude, that was hilarious!
"Oh, shit! Ahhhhhhhh!... Hey, I'm not dead yet!"
I've just got three small things to complain about:
1. It's pronounced PaLUtena, not Paltina (as it sounds like you're pronouncing it).
2. Palutena's voice was really echoy when she appeared, making it hard to understand a word she said (you chose a good voice-actor for her, though).
3. Pit's voice still sounded a bit muffled, though it was easier to hear him this time.
It is still a good piece of work. Keep up the good work with Part 3!


I realy like these Kid Icarus series, they are fucking sweet! i realy enjoy the grafxs, keep making these, they are fucking kewl!

Damn man! Don't leave us hanging!

These cliffhangers are getting out of hand! Couldn't you get at least halfway through the first fortress area and cut on an Eggplant Wizard hitting Pit with an eggplant? This movie was a little too short.

But good stuff anyhow.

I love it!

I thought this was highly original, loved your style. Keep it up! I really liked how you made fun of those games by just questioning it all XD