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Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Part II"

i liked it

It as awsome man, somethings were not in order... well actually a very small amount was not in order.
usually what gets me is the voice acting, something that makes a flash seem more understandable. The volumes of the voices are a little off. but none the less it was good compared to some others. usually flashs like these ae kinda boring but yours seem to be great, the graphics werent that bad at all.



I like your work man. I saw the first episode, and the little battle thing you made, and now this. It's good stuff. In fact, the only gripe I actually have is the fact that you pronounce Zeus' name as "Zoyss" when I have only ever heard it pronounced as "Zooss." I know I'm just splitting hairs, don't get me wrong. It doesn't keep me from enjoying the movies. Keep up the good times, can't wait for ep. 3.

MKjack responds:

thx, that is what i needed...
and i promise that during die next episodes, if zeus shows up, i'll pronounce it correctly.



The echo man jees I couldn't understand a word the princess was saying O.o


good movie overall
only thing that annoyed me is that Zeus is pronounced as "Zoos" (not the place that has all sorts of animals though)

MKjack responds:

sry about that zeus thing, i am living in germany, and turkish too, i had looked for the speaking of "zeus" but i didnt find anything, so i just say "[ZOIS]


this was shocking. i thought with the other reviews it sounded good but i thought it was really poor i didnt know what the hell was happening half waty through. what the hell? i couldnt even understand what they where saying half the time.