Reviews for "Children (Awake Remix)"


Once again, how do all you pro's mix so CLEAN! I almost never hear any muddiness, and the sound isn't overcompressed and dull. Clean track man, i love it.

This is a very very good remix

Although I 5 all yo shit... This is an honest 5. One of my favorite tracks from you and one of the best songs put out on NG. Yo n***a ass need to hurry up and get that record deal you deserve mang. Until then keep up with the awesome music making. Keep makin them zero bombin noobs mad by putting out songs that can't be zeroed becuase its just so good. 10/10 5/5

Fuckin righhhht!

Lovin this. Also, goin up on the FP in celebration of ze new Dubstep section in the Audio Portal.

Gives me ideas though, I'd love to hear (or produce) a drum n bass edit of your remix. What DAW did ya use?

Rawrthaas responds:

good ol FL


Did you change it from the last upload? As in, should I redownload it =P?

Rawrthaas responds:

still the same!