Reviews for "Children (Awake Remix)"

breath taking

this is an amazing peice and I enjoy it alot the light and upbeat sound is perfect keep up the good work... Do you have any pointers for someone who is just starting out


FUCKING AMAZING! Reminds me of old school donkey kong and sonic music!


If it had more bass it would be perfect, and the wobble needs to be fixed (make it smoother) and you got an octo-deca-quin tuple-kilo-hedron (x85000 real number) platinum record



almost almost perfect

there is two things that you can do to make this perfect. you can either drop the dubstep bassline or increase the volume of it. no offense, but the dubstep baseline is a little bit of a distraction for me. first of me, it's almost non existent in the song and sometimes it distracts me from the leads and complex melodies. dubstep is a minimalist genre. you can probably see why because the bass in this genre demands so much attention and that it's hard to put it with instrumentals because of how unorthodox it's key notes, melodies and sounds are. i like the direction that your going. it's a ten without the dubstep wobbles but with it, unfortunately, i have to give it an 8 because the bass sounds shallow and almost nonexistent. if you make the bass louder and have more of a direct impact in the song, it would be a truely awesome experience to listen to. i recommend listening to It Come Crashin Down [8-bit Dubstep] by Francis Hall to give an idea of how complex melodies with mulitple instruments can actually work well with dubstep bass wobbles.

ps- it's kind of sad but interesting to see your song being put in a hentai gallery