Reviews for "Children (Awake Remix)"

Absolutely Sublime, mate!

Beautifully composed, mate!!! I can't stop listening to it, with my eyes closed, and a smile on my face!! Thank you for making this!!!

Peace always,
~Justin (DJ Seuss)

moktur X @Awake

Can you add a new revision to this music(as a new submission?)

Almost there

The bass wobble needs to be much more prominent. Add some sort of compression in whatever program you are using. It should be the focal point of a dubstep song. Also, modulate some frequency shifts in the bassline. You can fade it in at a higher frequency, and then drop the frequency when you want it to fully hit. A dubstep bassline needs to sound thick and heavy, which sadly this doesn't.

Dude, do this, and this will be a perfect 10 out of 10 and a completely genre-bending dubstep song to boot.

Rawrthaas responds:

As much as I want to fix the wobble, I wouldn't be able to upload a revised version because the song was used in a flash :\

Truly a work of art.

Though it may be a remix of something original, you brought out the true beauty of this piece. It actually brought tears to my eyes as memories flooded in. You have amazing talent, and I truly appreciate that. Not many can accomplish something like this, and you have. Keep doing what you're doing, and I'll keep listening!

-Your #1 Fan


love this