Reviews for "Doula-Ball"

Has Anyone Been Able To Beat This Yet?

I agree with everyone that says this needs work, because it really does! The Idea for the game is funny and different, but there's a lot of glitching. The ramps are to narrow and very difficult to hit, and the target you need to hit are placed where, at times, are impossible to hit. Also at times the balls movements don't correspond with the actions. This especially makes it tough to navigate to get tasks done. I would like to see this game revised because there's a lot of potential. I'm not saying make the game extremely easy, but make it so that it can be completed.

Funny idea but...

...very poorly executed. It takes more than what flash can do to program proper pinball physics and this game missed by a long shot. Terribly glitchy. The ball would bounce when it shouldn't, not bounce when it should. Sometimes the "sperm bumpers" near the paddles worked, other times they didn't. Several times the ball would get stuck inside and just randomly shoot into a ramp.
Needs a whole lot of work to be a viable game.


thats sexist if anything >:(

not so good

Game the physics are bad, thats the biggest problem. work those out, fix the ramp and lock ball issues, get a bit better design and you'll have a good game.


Terrible graphics,game,idea And its kinda grose that your playing freaking pinball in a girls private lol!