Reviews for "Doula-Ball"


I LOVE advertisements!

Good. But have you even tested it beforehand?

Very original concept for a pinball game however you might want to rethink some of the designs.
There's a bug in the left panel that then the ball is stuck it shoots into the right ramp.
The ball stopper right in the middle of the ramps makes reaching the ramps impossible without the help of the buggy left panel. I wished that the same bug was in the right panel when I reched the stage where you needed to get the ball into alternating ramps. Because of this I never managed to complete the game.
Next time use beta testers before making another game.

great, another in utero pinball game, sheesh.

pretty original. Overall a fun experience, just a little slow paced with frustrating ball physics. Still pretty funny.


HOLY GOD! O_O I was trying to win just to see what would happen, and got obscenely bored. In fact, I hated the actual gameplay, and wonder how it actually got up on the front page.
But the 'Game Over' screen that came up when I got frustrated and lost made me LOSE IT. XD Graphics were decent, style was ... horrible, sound was decent, the game over screen was violent, IT'S A GAME, so there's GOING to be interactivity (though it's marked down because there's no point in it beign a game if I almost never have to hit a flipper. The physics were horrible.) and I give it a full for Humor because of the game over screen ALONE XD

Has Potential, But Falls Short

This game could have been more fun if you had worked harder on the physics. As it was my ball would basically fly off in three different directions: 1. Wherever I didn't want it, 2. Into that one lock ball in the middle, and 3. wherever it randomly decided to go. It was also full of bugs, which constantly made me lose balls, and that stupid lockball in the middle got in the way of EVERYTHING.

Don't get me wrong, it was sorta funny and wasn't terrible, but could have been just waaaay better with only a little better programming.