Reviews for "Doula-Ball"

I don't get it.

The contraction is almost there, and yet I can't get it to be there. I hit everything, why can't I finish it?

some things need fixing

Like the gap at the ends of the paddles are to big the ball keep falling down there and i swear the ball aims for it and the tubes are really hard to hit especially with that stop thing right in the middle cause it's right in the path of the tubes

Its ok

Its hard to hit the tubes, but all else the game seems flawless to me.


I know that song from somewhere! Otherwise this game was pretty easy especially for a pinball game! Targets were easy to hit-no glitches for me! And people c'mon i have the shittiest computer in the world and have no problems with this gameplay. And for the person who thinks this game is sexist? You happen to be in the "Mature" section on Newgrounds! So just calm down, besides I bet you loved the Meet n Fuck games so what makes this game any more "sexist"?

p.s. im a chick


i beat this like 20 times so far its kinda easy