Reviews for "Doula-Ball"


Couple of bugs, but a great game, going into my favorites.

Fuckin best pinball concept I've ever seen

Alot of bugs though, which I'd imagine would be hard to get around in Flash. First off, the ball got stuck in alot ofplaces, mostly the right lower corner. I hit all the contraction things, and the contraction meter only filled up like 95% so it was impossible to get the contraction. The penises are to bold or need to change color, it's hard to see the ball when it rolls over them. Other than that, great job, a pinball game in Flash has gotta be hard work, 5/5.

odd-job-jack responds:

Thanks. I agree there are bugs but I just could not eliminate all of them before this game had to go out. I do believe the progression of score / level works.

By the way the penises DO activate so look forward to that!