Reviews for "Naruto Chuunin Battles"

well, it was ok!

yeah, really.
gfx - 6: sprites, what do you except? :-)
style - 3: argh, those sliding menus were awful, sorry. you had to wait couple of seconds before you saw what you were clicking.
sound - 0: music please.
violence - 2: hitting and kicking. i didnt play this 'completely', just a test. blood! we want blood! ...well, i want.
interactivity - 6: yeah. nice. but a small tutorial for the buttons would have been nice plus.
humor - 0: none, IF you WANT some, maybe some lame sketches 8-D well, i dunno.
overall - 6: good goodogoogdo. but i wont play this anymore... sounds and musics would have rose the number like woOSH!


the games ok wen u get the hang of it.....

I don't know what to say.

good things about the game:the special attack are powerful.

bad things about the game:the 2 regular attacks rarely affect the cpu. there is no sound in the game.

stuff to say:please put sound and make the 2 reagular attacks affect the cpu in your remake.


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