Reviews for "Naruto Chuunin Battles"


u idiot do u even know the rankings its academy student, gennin, chunnin, jonin,special jonin anf finnaly the kage of the village u dumbass so next will be jonin

pretty sweet...

that was really good, the next best thing to downloading Naruto MUGEN. also, the next one shouldn‘t be called JOUNIN battles. it goes like this:
just so you know...

good but not bad...

you could have added more people and put sound in besides that it is a ok game

I don't know what to say.

good things about the game:the special attack are powerful.

bad things about the game:the 2 regular attacks rarely affect the cpu. there is no sound in the game.

stuff to say:please put sound and make the 2 reagular attacks affect the cpu in your remake.

the only good naruto game on ng

this is a pretty fun game its the only good naruto game on ng but u need to work on a few things #1there has to be kunais +shuriken(ranged stuff)#2 there has to be sound effects and music#3 to hell wit da whole teleporting thing and make the specials a little more equal in strenght eg sasuke/naruto vs temari andkabuto