Reviews for "Naruto Chuunin Battles"

THIS GAME IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this game is good that i play this game every morning when i wake up


I might not be able to hear it,but I know what the people would of been saying!I even made a plan for when I attack them!When they try to get near me I attack them with my jutsu to make sure they don`t come and attack me!I beat them by also taking up all the potions!
I love the game and hope u make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow its very good

you should add every one like choji and the others and curse mark sasuke and nine tailed naruto!


You need more characters with more jutsus. ;^D

not bad

but you could add the characters full teams and if its chunin battles i suppose no jonin should be there and as narutos team top:naruto middle:sasuke bottom:sakura and the same in every team like team guy team 10 team 8 and maybe team orochimaru that dosu zaku and kin are in