Reviews for "Solid Snake/Meryl Sex XXX"


you should've made it so he bumped into the gaurd and he's like "oh sorry" then the guard still did'nt notice him

Only you Fat_Badger....

Why is it almost every time i take a look at turds and underdogs of the week, It's always you making a flash that uses the words "hentai" and "sex" and other words to sugguest it's some kind of porn? Are people just that stupid?

Come on... Make a flash that doesn't involve the sugguestion of porn and see how long that shit flies. I guarantee that it won't be very long


It had a hamster in it!!!!

You guys are amazing :-)

I think you have collected more Turds of the Week than all of the flash crews combined. Its no laughing matter, it takes big skill. The flash has to be good enough to get past judgment, but bad enough to have its score quickly dropped. And it cannot be fileswapped or else it gets out of the contest. You got my five. Because I can tell you do this for fun, yet most people don't realize the sarcasm. :-)


:D cool

Lol hahahahahhaha