Reviews for "Solid Snake/Meryl Sex XXX"


The guy below me is right =P

anyway, that was kinda funny, turd of the week is an honor in my eyes (plus it gets you some ratings xD)

i doubt they were actually getting it on, most likely just a screenshot of them in an akward pose.

Good luck on future flash.


well here are my thoughts... the graphics were, how could i put it...poor and it basically didn't make any sense at all. i'll give you points for the metal gear solid music because it's good quality but this wasn't the best flash ever in my book.


wow, so you can rip sounds from the game, take an image or two, and poorly draw some poor looking guards and a hamster (?)

first off, make it longer; i love the idea of metal gear solid paradoies
next, invest some time with illustrator, photoshop, or the graphics program of your choice
you've obviously got some talent, it needs some refinement though...

RIP Snake....RIP

I thought watching an episode of Dora with niece was diffitcult but after seeing this.... I'm having second thoughts..
It was original and the art was createtive....


Thats really depressing. I look up 'sex' just to see what funny shit I can find, and I find this...

Not Funny, no sex, and totally and utterly bad. Although the squirl was cute. That kept you at 2