Reviews for "Solid Snake/Meryl Sex XXX"

omg...never have I seen that.

I have to join everyone and say that this is the worst flash I have ever seeen and I've seen terrible on other sites. REally I mean...you could atleast have had otherpics in there atleast. There wasn't even a replay button to check I was still awake and not fallen asleep when missing something really good and interesting. Infact on double check...it was shit like everyone else says. Please...try do something longer and most interesting. We're not kids you know. And I'm certainly not a chav with teh IQ of a kid, Those ar ethe only people who'd find this interesting. and retards. because of the sec pic at the end to go hehe looky. he'd putting his thingy inside her thingy. This is a great site and one of the best for flashes. PLease don't ruin it's goon name by spreading anymore crap.



It made me chuckle to myself because it made front page. It was random, that's for sure - I can't help feeling that people voted for it because it was deliberately bad - what do you think? ;)

Still, nice one for the, er... effort?

Needs More To It

Not a big fan of this movie, really.

I mean, you don't even setup the warnings correctly. "Extreme Nudity, Extreme Violence, etc, etc". This is totally miscatagorised and on purpose.

The movie itself seems pointless and was also poorly animated. The badgersrinks and is all of a suddenin the box? Then the box moves past som eguards that were drawn ok, but not animated.

Then there's just a screenshot? The End.

Not very good in my opinion. It needs a plot, more story and a point. Then categorize it correctly.

Not any good to watch.

Cmon man I know you can make better stuff than this. It has nothing in it to make it worth watching.


Congrats you get my worste ever rateing... please do us all a favoure stop makeing flash for both our sake and yours, or at least put a story a plot a proper ending and even some actually MGS chars besides the Genome soldiers.

FatBadger responds:

congrats I dont give a shit about your "worste" ever rating.


and stop "makeing" reviews