Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"

Adun be with us....

Freakin AWSOME MAN.... i gave ya all 10s just fro rocking so much. love star scraft, love your series. i think the storie is great and i cant wait for the next one.

I liked it.

Very well done, you've definitly made a ton of improvements from your first one. Story is well done although bland at points. Drawing faces could also use some work but drawing faces is something that takes a huge amount of time to get correct. Overall I recommend this to any SC fan and I think I'll link it to the SC boards.


i really like your series they are really well made! good job and keep up the good work!

I'm quickly becoming a HUGE fan of your work.

Every episode of this series gets better and better in all departments.

Graphics, sounds... all around improved constantly. And this one is no different. And awesome episode. The plot, script and story is even interesting and relates really well to the Starcraft universe.

If I had to make any complaint, and this is a still highly improved over the last episodes, is the voice acting. A little monotone at times. But it's still far better than the last episode.

You really do symbolize what a flash artist should be; making each new flash an improvement. Awesome work.

LogFish responds:

Thanks a lot!

Wonderful Only one problem.

The problem is the time duration in between episodes it takes you so long to produce one episode by the time you have finished its maybe been a month or so, bye that time people dont really keep up with it, its a good series, and everything in fact they should remake the starcraft games, but the point is you need to speed up the time you take to make episodes i know it may take a long time but im not an flash artist just a person that knows a little of writing. Loved it. Just had to wait to long for it.

LogFish responds:

Anyone that knows flash thinks I fire these out incredibly quickly - I'm actually quite busy which is why it took a while to do this one - and now we're moving house which will slow me down a week or two.