Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"


"That's not one shot!" "It's one shot from two guns." "Why do you use two guns anyway?" "It looks cool!" Rofl, priceless! Loved it.

awsome dude

that was an awsome movie keep making them dude but why the green dude had to die why not sarge because the green dude was cool

LogFish responds:

Why does everyone hate Sarge so much? heh.

Spectacular flash

Holy shit that war great, loved the 3D.
graphics -- amazing.
style -- nice animation and it worked well
sound -- very nice and clear sound
violence -- liked those dinosaur looking things getting killed :D
interactivity -- None but u get 10 :D
Humor -- Nice, but not halarious.
Overall -- see above :P

LogFish responds:

thanks a lot - glad you liked it :) next episode is close to being complete, hopefully you'll like that too.

hilarious is spelt with an i - I know this sounds grammar nazi but I've been saying halarious for years and i feel stupid now i realise it's wrong. i even put halarious in my cellphone dictionary and thought it was crap for not having the word, heh.

Nice flash

Awesome flash man. It's good to see that older games like SC appear in flashs. Liked the new(er) vulture design.

Aw man...you killed off the green dude, he was my favorite character. Also, what did you base that creature off of? Looks to me like a T-Rex with wings.

LogFish responds:

Yea it wasn't particularly creative was it, heh. It's slightly quatter than a T-rex...


No doubt this is quite a good flash movie, but it in no way deserves first place for this long, or at all for any matter. This is definatly not a first place entry. good day sir.

LogFish responds:

It might be there because tom feels bad for the NG portal award system screwing up and not giving me any awards for these movies, or maybe other people just like it more than you do - whatever the reason, I'm not complaining!