Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"

the best of the best

this series is great the author deserves a friggin medal

5/5 hands down!

LogFish responds:

I got some portal awards, frontpage and top of the SC collection - having people actually see them is better than a medal!


This series kicks ass. i want a music gun

LogFish responds:

Glad you like it.


Nice really! "What's up with the Zerg? They're killing themselves!" "Oh, we got to thank our Protoss friends for that. We got Dark Archon on Pegagsus."

LogFish responds:

That's what they say alright ;)


That was awesome. Hoping this one will deliver the climax. Anyway, a few questions (Don't worry, nothing bad). Firstly, what sound did you use for the Zantaboan? That was wicked, but I've never heard it before. Secondly,Is this really the last one, or are there more to come?. By the way, I love the scene before the tunnel.

"Why do you carry two guns anyway?"

LogFish responds:

Glad you enjoyed it -

The sounds i use for the Zantaboan are the T-Rex Roar from Jurassic Park (I'm suprised you didn't notice that one!!) a T-Rex roar from a THX sound demo thing, and some lions.

There's more to come heh, this clearly trails off - I'll finish the series with some kind of conclusion :) Since you put that on part 1, perhaps you didn't realise part2 is actually on the site right now - look it up under my other submissions - starcraf: the hunt 2/2

Love it

I like how evrything about this episode....Your series has come a long way...also could you tell me what that song is? the one near the end...

"Oh man you killed my music gun"


LogFish responds:

Song near the end is Megadeth - Almost Honest (danny sabre mix) - I assume that's what you mean. it's from the mortal kombat soundtrack