Reviews for "StarCraft: The Hunt 1/2"

Master peice

wow that kicks ass, hurry up with the next on for the love of god D:


I've been waiting quite some time for this. I'm really following this series, the 3D effects are great and the dialouge and story flows on really swell. Well, i'm off to watch part 2/2 now.

Good job!


the movies great... but granny smith you kinda have to play the game to get the story line... its kind of a three way war with the terrain(humans) protoss(the robo looking things) and zerg(the creatures)


the look of this movie was my favorite thing about it. The composition of the shots and the robot things eyes were also cool. My one quarm is the story line seems abit random. I mean why are they shooting at these cratures. Why cant they jus let them be. Having said that i liked the bit where he said about the 2 guns

LogFish responds:

they're space yahoos they're dickheads - and the zerg (creatures) would kill them if able since they're just random like that. The story isn't particularly random, it's all building off the first episode which is based in the starcraft universe, and starcraft is a game. So this is a game fanfiction, and if yuo haven't played it it might look a bit weird I guess, although I'm told it's still accessable fi you watch from the first episode.

Good work.

I think that for a pice of fan fiction this was really well done. The incorperation of wat I think was 3D studio max was great, and the rest of the animation was smooth as a babies bottom. The only thing I would critisize is the voices, it sounded like it was all done by the same person. A person with an extreamly flexable voice, but a single person no less. Anyhow, this was a vary nice pice of work and it was indeed worth my time. And my time is valuble.

LogFish responds:

Thanks for the review then! Hehe. I'll get some voice actors in the next one, I really can't be bothered with the whole having to rely on other people thing but if I want to get a perfect movie I'm going to have to.