Reviews for ""The Hitchhiker""

Woa, thats a bad situation. Funny somehow.

OMG! I didnt exspect the woman to punch the husband! XD to admit, that was funny because no one didn't see that coming until he asked for it! HAha! That episode was really good and I know it was-Wait I better not spoil it for the rest. Good job.


this is one of the worst things iv ever played i do not recomend u play it

Not very good....

the only reason i say this is because its to short and not as intresting as your other movies

It's okay

But I found it wasn't challenging enough because I was always tempted to hit the 'Hint' button. And the concept wasn't all that appealing to me this time like the others - that Helen woman just got me irritated.


that was way too easy but still fun you should make a way to skip the long boring cut scenes when you want to go to the other persons perspective but still fun to figure out except that i got it first try with the guy, i didnt try the girl the cut scenes were to long so i X'ed it out