Reviews for ""The Hitchhiker""

Great episode

Pretty easy but it is a great story. I really enjoy this series.


i love these games im playing them in order so i dont ruin it....my friends played it totally out of order and hated it

LOL!! xD

This episode made me laugh. You get to be Helen or Yale. If you choose Helen, you have the chance to punch Ted or Yale. And if you play Yale, they even give you the chance to punch Helen back. Lol. But if they ask you to choose between dealing with either Ted or Helen, deal with Helen first. She has an even bigger fuse waiting to blow. xD


I played this game! It was easy but you had to be really careful of what you say!

Fun game

This is a fun, funny and thought-provoking game. My only real issue is with the low quality of the graphics.

(@ krisknox: And Then There Were None was awesome. :D)