Reviews for ""The Hitchhiker""

Not as good as some of your others

This is way too easy. Your other ones took me 5-6 tries to get all the way through and i got this one right the first time. The graphics aren't as good either. Still, this is pretty good. The closing foreshadowing is very satisfying...


well..i dont like the way he says"im going to blow us all to hell" but it is very easy but, this was long i like that!......(7)


You get a 5


your a fuked up idiot.....this show was great, and u hate it cuz of canadians. swear to god, i will send a hitman and hunt u down, u little prick ignorant bitch.

O, Canada

Take some advil beforehand or turn off the volume. Canadian vocal chords are not mean to be vibrated.