Reviews for ""The Hitchhiker""

Pretty easy... but still good

it was so easy, i got it on the 1st try, without using the hints ;) OH YEAH! But I Didnt Like That We Had Only Like 2 or3 Opportunities To Advise Our charachter.
i give it a 3 out of 4.


yea sure id punch a guy in the face that wheres a bomb around his waist too. That makes all the sense to me

Yea yea thats where I failed the first time


this was a good conclusion but i still aint found out the answers to all of the questions!!! make anuva 1 lol

Dangeros but yet funny...

I managed to do this in one go..very funny where he punched by his wife XD and ted romanticly kissing him :P - funny stuff.

Woa, thats a bad situation. Funny somehow.

OMG! I didnt exspect the woman to punch the husband! XD to admit, that was funny because no one didn't see that coming until he asked for it! HAha! That episode was really good and I know it was-Wait I better not spoil it for the rest. Good job.