Reviews for "JuicePlz"

sprucey (new word i just made up 4 tha heck of it)

pretty good game. could be better.i would play it for longer if there werent about 70 other games like that and it was just about 5% easier.


Dude it sound like I would like it but it's not working for me.

Toast responds:

Hmm that's odd. It works for me and for magnet202 who reviewed it after you. What part of the game isn't working for you? If it just doesn't load anything (not even the preloader) then I'm afraid I can't help you.

it was okay

should add m0re detail n stuff game aint bad but da people was juss a bugg out


Alright it was fine but it does get boring after a while (like many people before said) Trying adding some more events along the way.


It was fun but it did get boring after about 5 minutes.