Reviews for "JuicePlz"

freaky people

a bit freaky but the game was fun

heh its ok

i dont like it cuz its 2 heard but if it was much esayr id love it.even tho it was heard then it was an ok game

one thing

Now correct me if I am wrong but there was no pause button. That was the only thing i didn't like about the game.


Its alright, but I found a little glitch. After you win one lv the 2nd lv just press ctrl for automatic win and alt for automatic lose.

Toast responds:

Hehe I used those to test the game, if anyone is bored of the first levels you can skip a few ;)

Very impressive!

It's a very good game: the graphics are good, the style is very funny with more and more colours! And the sound.... IM PRE SSIVE with the cantina band of star wars! It's an emergency: you must try this game,really!