Reviews for "JuicePlz"


If i understand well,the goal of this game is to make juice.The tutorial is not terrible and the game is hard sorta.So...Well

And,also we have the author of this game's who cuss at the people that blames this game.So i find that little bit stupid.Bad rating ;)

What a piece of

What a horrible game, its called a tutorial....try making one. Graphics are so-so. Try being a bit more creative buddy. Oh and swearing at your players in the review comments isn't going to help your lame game.....

Toast responds:

What? There is a tutorial you dumbfuck. Your grammar is so horrible that I'm not even sure that's what you were referring to in your first sentence. I wouldn't expect more from someone who uploads bear-chested pictures of himself on NG to look cool. I guess I should follow your advice and be more creative - maybe I should make a platform adventure or a top-down zombie shooter like most other games on newgrounds? Real original you mongol.


It's a fun and entertaining game

Really fun!

Great game! i want more!


It's only fun when your bored.....
Like the animation...
it was good overall